CAMX 2014 preview: C. A. Litzler

C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) is featuring its latest technology in hot melt prepreg machines.

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C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) is featuring its latest technology in hot melt prepreg machines. Litzler designs hot melt prepreg equipment for the production of high-quality unidirectional and woven prepregs. These machines include systems for development and production systems in widths ranging from 12 to 60 inches (305 to 1,524 mm). Machines include online and offline filmers as well as a patent-pending thermoplastic prepreg unit. Litzler's prepreggers are designed with the S-wrap prepreg process, which can increase production up to 100 fpm on a standard machine. Litzler says typical competing designs are only useful up to 15 fpm. Litzler celebrates 61 years in business in 2014.

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