Camera-based 3D measurement system

Imetrum (Bristol, UK) has launched a new precision, noncontact 3D measurement system.

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Imetrum Ltd. (Bristol, UK) has launched a new precision, noncontact 3D measurement system. The Imetrum 3D Precision Displacement Tracker (PDT) uses pre-calibrated stereoscopic video cameras, combined with Imetrum’s patented Video Gauge software, to deliver reportedly precise noncontact measurements on any point that can be seen within the image. 3D PDT eliminates the need to build frames for displacement sensors, bond strain gauges, run cabling or get too close to "hot" objects, saving time and improving the safety of test environments. Imetrum says adding the capability to take 3D displacement measurements at up to 0.5-μm resolution offers users a wider range of opportunities to benefit from the precision, real-time measurement speed (up to 1000 Hz) of the Video Gauge software. 

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