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November 2009
Automated processing of large, complex parts

MAG has introduced the 5-axis Agile Gantry Multi-Processing System, designed for machining and finishing wind blades and other oversized composite parts, such as boat hulls and aerospace components.

Posted on: 9/23/2009
High-Performance Composites

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MAG Industrial Automation Systems (Hebron, Ky.) has introduced the 5-axis Agile Gantry Multi-Processing System, designed for machining and finishing large aerospace components, wind blades and other oversized composite parts. With unlimited X-axis range, 40m/min (131 ft/min) traverse speed, automatic tool change and five servo-controlled axes, it reportedly performs coating, blade machining and finishing tasks quickly. The system is based on a CNC machine-tool platform designed for five-sided part access. It supports a number of functional heads, such as cutting tools, including waterjet cutters, and is designed to produce complex mold geometries in high-density foam and to finish free-form, contoured parts. The gantry features a modular rail system, permitting any x-axis length required, with the rail system below the factory floor, above it, or elevated to create a high-rail configuration. Several workholding systems can be adapted and positioned between the rails. The gantry cross-rail provides 5.5m/18 ft of y-axis travel and 2.5m/8.2 ft or more of z-axis reach. Servo-controlled contouring is simplified with rotary a and c axes (spindle tilt and wrist roll) that provide ±100° and ±200° of movement respectively. The maximum feedrate for the linear x, y and z axes is up to 40,000 mm/min (1,574 inches/min), and up to 3,600°/min in the rotary axes. Linear axes are powered by dual electronically preloaded A-C servomotor rack-and-pinion drive systems. A vacuum system with spindle shroud is available to capture dust and chips. The tool changer holds 16 tools for automatic tool changes.

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