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March 2009
Advanced nesting software enhanced

MTC Software has updated its ProNest laser nesting software.

Posted on: 2/3/2009
High-Performance Composites

MTC Software Inc. (Lockport, N.Y.) has released laser cutter support enhancements to ProNest, its advanced nesting software. ProNest uses postprocessors, unique to each brand and model of laser cutting system, to produce NC code that can control virtually all features on a specific laser system. The system’s interface allows for automation of most functions that are available through the postprocessor. Process parameters and leads spreadsheets have been updated with improved data that was derived from tests and in collaboration with ProNest users and machinery resellers. On lead-ins, the piece now can be positioned at the center of a hole while still allowing for control over the lead-in arc size. In addition, lead-ins now can adjust automatically to accommodate smaller profiles with no manual manipulation. The nesting software’s Collision Avoidance feature includes automatic internal profile sequencing and an intelligent, automatic leads relocation feature, designed to reduce traverse time and improve productivity.

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