Advanced NDT software

DolphiTech (Raufoss, Norway) has released DolphiCam Research, a software package for advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) users and researchers.

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DolphiTech (Raufoss, Norway) has released DolphiCam Research, a software package for advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) users and researchers. Building on the DolphiCam Handheld Ultrasound Camera, advanced signal analysis- and postprocessing functions have been added. Users can now modify pulses, save and postprocess full 2D matrix (124 by 124 element) raw data sets, apply custom filters and export VTK (Visualization Toolkit) files to create 3D visualizations in Paraview or compatible software. Features include full DolphiCam camera control and imaging, user defined pulses, the ability to save raw data filtered or unfiltered, access and post-process data using sample Matlab/Octave scripts and/or using DolphiCam DataAnalyzer software. DolphiCam DataAnalyzer is separately available software and has extended features that further facilitate analyzing ultrasound data from the DolphiCam. These features include advanced gating and gate-locking, dataset post-processing, A-scan spectrum, file averaging and VTK (Visualization Toolkit) file export to Paraview or similar. DolphiCam DataAnalyzer is freely available for download at

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