5-axis waterjet cutting system

Jet Edge Inc. has introduced the Milestone 5-axis precision waterjet cutting machine

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Waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge Inc. (St. Michael, Minn.) has introduced the Milestone 5-axis precision waterjet cutting machine. Reportedly capable of cutting virtually any material, the equipment is available in three nominal sizes: 5.5 by 6.5 ft (1,700 by 2,000 mm), 5.5 by 13 ft (1,700 by 4,000 mm) and 6.5 by 13 ft (2,000 by 4,000 mm). The system features the IKC 5-axis waterjet cutting head, capable of making inclined cuts and controlling kerf to ensure optimal part quality. The IKC’s capabilities include 600º rotation, a maximum angle of ±60º and dynamic precision from ±0.008 to ±0.020 inch/min (±0.2 to ±0.5 mm/min), depending on the tilt of the head. Other features include precision-ground rack-and-pinion x and y axes and a ball-screw-driven 5.9-inch/150-mm z-axis. It maintains a cutting tolerance of ±0.004 inch (±0.1 mm), repeatability accuracy of ±0.001 inch (±0.025 mm), and it supports contouring and rapid-feed rates of 0 to 1,575 inches/min (0 to 40,000 mm/min).  

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