Zyvex picks Rudolph Bros. & Co. to distribute epoxies, prepregs

Rudolph will sell Zyvex' Epovex and Arovex, carbon nanotube-modified resins and prepregs.

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Zyvex Performance Materials (ZPM, Columbus, Ohio), a manufacturer of products for nanomaterial applications, announced on March 12 a distribution agreement with Rudolph Bros. & Co. (Canal Winchester, Ohio) whereby Rudolph will distribute ZPM’s Epovex and Arovex products.
“This is a great day for Zyvex Performance Materials. Partnering with Rudolph Bros. & Co. will allow our products to be well represented and sold throughout most of the Eastern U.S.” said Lance Criscuolo, president of Zyvex Performance Materials. “Combining our products with Rudolph Bros. & Co.’s distribution capabilities is a tremendous synergy. Rudolph Bros’s. & Co. will be able to offer customers the most advanced and highest performing carbon nanotube resin systems and prepregs available today”.
“We are proud to partner with Zyvex Performance Materials, a leader in nanotechnology and a fine Ohio company,” comment owners Kevin and Rick Rudolph. “This agreement allows us to enlarge our product offering with the most advanced materials available, which will be the key for our customers to achieve breakthrough results that will strengthen their businesses in these challenging economic conditions”.
Epovex is a new line of liquid epoxy resins from ZPM. Epovex resins are high-performance, carbon nanotube strengthened epoxies compatible with numerous composites and adhesives applications. Epovex reportedly processes similarly to unfilled epoxy resins and can be cured with a wide range of curing agents. Epovex is available in both bisphenol-A and bisphenol-F types. Epovex epoxy resins are recommended for use in filament winding, pultrusion and hand lay-up.
Arovex is a high-performance prepreg using Epovex resin. Arovex is available in standard, intermediate and high-modulus carbon fibers, glass and as a unidirectional, woven, or knitted material.