Zyvex carbon nanotube-enhanced prepreg finds home in yacht tender

The nano-enhanced prepreg, Arovex, will be used by X-Tender Boats in its new yacht tenders.

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Zyvex Performance Materials (ZPM, Columbus, Ohio) has announced an agreement with X-
Tender Boats (Seattle,Wash.) to supply ZPM'S next-generation carbon nanotube (CNT)-enhanced carbon fiber prepreg carbon fiber, sold under the trade name Arovex, for the construction of X-Tender's new line of advancd carbon-fiber composite yacht tenders. 

“Our goal at X-Tender is to make the ultimate yacht tender. In order to do that, we need the best in materials, and Arovex is the most advanced and highest-performing prepreg carbon fiber available today. We are very excited to announce our agreement with ZPM, which will make our boats as light and as strong as possible.” says Jean-Marc LeRoy, president of X-Tender Boats. “Making the boats as light as possible will make it easier to lift and store as a tender while providing greater performance.”

“We are always happy to see our technology used to improve performance. The use of Arovex in the construction of the X-Tender boats will make [them] lighter and use less fuel,” said Lance Criscuolo, president of ZPM. “X-Tender Boats [is] committed to making the finest yacht tenders in the world, and we are proud to be a part of it and help them create lighter more fuel-efficient boats.”

Zyvex Performance Materials is focused on developing nanotechnology to improve the properties of composite materials.