Wind turbine manufacturer Kenersys enters U.S. market

Germany-based Kenersys brings a 2.5-MW turbine to the U.S., and a new 2.4-MW turbine that features a rotor diameter of 109m/358 ft.

Wind turbine manufacturer Kenersys (Muenster, Germany) announced on May 20  that it has entered the U.S. market, introducing a family of multi-megawatt turbines featuring Synerdrive technology, including the new Kenersys K110 2.4 MW.

Kenersys is partnering in the U.S. with Lincoln Electric (Cleveland, Ohio, USA). Kenersys will start its first turbine, K100 2.5 MW, on U.S. ground for Lincoln Electric at its headquarters in Ohio. The K100 2.5 MW turbine is the largest in Ohio and one of the largest in North America. K100 2.5 MW was introduced 2009 to Europe as a prototype for Vattenfall, one of the largest utilities and wind farm owners in Europe.

The new K110 2.4 MW product is a Class III turbine for low and moderate wind regimes. It is equipped with a 109m/358-ft rotor diameter, a swept area of 9331 m2/100,438 ft2, 2400 KW rated power and tower heights of 95m/312 ft and 135m/443m.

According to Paulo Fernando Soares, Kenersys Group CEO, "The USA are one of the most important and most promising wind energy markets in the world and we see a great future for Kenersys with its broad range of multi-megawatt on-shore turbines that make even low and medium wind speed sites highly competitive."

Seth Mason, Lincoln Electric's energy manager, states, "Lincoln Electric is the world leader in welding products and solutions. We are proud to be partner with Kenersys in the U.S. on wind turbine projects. Kenersys turbines are playing an important role in the present and future wind market. This turbine will bring national recognition for renewable energy."