Vought lays off 400 in wake of 787 delays

Vought will shut down production of the carbon fiber aft fuselage for the 787 for two months following delays caused by the Boeing machinists' strike.

Several news organizations reported last week that Vought Aircraft Industries Inc. (Dallas, Texas) plans to lay off 400 workers and temporarily close a plant in Charleston, S.C., because of delays in Boeing 787 production caused by the recent machinists' strike at the aircraft manufacturer. The plant makes the aft fuselage from carbon fiber composites for the 787.

Vought CEO Elmer Doty said the plant will close for at least two months. The Post and Courier of Charleston reports he called it a "difficult decision and very sad."

Last month, Vought said the company might have to close the North Charleston plant. Then the company laid off 50 workers, suspended fabrication work, cut overtime and dismissed 60 contract workers.