U.S. Dept. of Energy announces FRP workshop, new RFI on composites manufacturing

The workshop, Jan. 13, 2014, in Washington, D.C., seeks to foster an exchange of information among industry, academia, research labs government agencies and other parties related to development of low-cost fiber-reinforced composites.

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) announced on Dec. 11 that it will host a workshop on Jan. 13, 2014, in the Washington, D.C. area on fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite manufacturing. Low-cost, light-weight, high-strength and high-stiffness composite materials have been identified as a key cross-­cutting technology for energy-efficient transportation, power generation and renewable power production. Through the workshop, AMO seeks to foster an exchange of information among industry, academia, research laboratories, government agencies and other interested parties on technical issues and manufacturing challenges related to achieving low-cost FRP composites. Further details can be found on the AMO Events page and registration will be available online soon.

AMO has also released a second request for information (RFI) on FRP composite manufacturing. The RFI includes information about the use of FRP composites in key clean energy applications, a high-level summary of the results from the first RFI on this topic, and a summary of technical issues as well as research and development needs related to low-­cost fiber-reinforced polymer composite manufacturing. AMO seeks feedback and comment on the information provided in the RFI. This is solely a RFI and not a Funding Opportunity Announcement. EERE is not accepting applications.

Responses to this RFI must be submitted electronically to FRCManufacturing@go.doe.gov with a subject line "Response to RFI" no later than 5:00 p.m. (EST) on Jan. 7, 2014. Responses must be provided as a Microsoft Word document (.docx or .doc) of no more than 2 pages in length, 12-point font, 1-inch margins as an attachment to an email. 

Click RFI DE-FOA-0001056 to download a PDF of the complete RFI.