Tooling for Aston Martin components to be supplied by Weber Manufacturing

Weber Manufacturing Technologies will supply NVD tooling to Gurit for production of composite components on Aston Martin cars.

Weber Manufacturing Technologies (Midland, Ontario, Canada) has reached agreement with Gurit (Newport, Isle of Wight, U.K.) to supply its NVD (nickel vapor deposition) nickel tooling for production of the carbon composite hood, decklid and fenders on Aston Martin's new sports cars. Gurit produces the composite body panels using its patented SPRINT resin film infusion technology, already in use for Aston's DB9 hood as a means of reducing high costs and print-through associated with carbon prepreg automotive panels.

Weber vice president Robert Sheppard says his company's NVD nickel-shell tooling is an alternative tool design that is extremely thermally responsive, which translates into faster heating and cooling during SPRINT processing. "Our process provides a uniform, stress-free nickel shell with higher accuracy and an automotive Class A finish." He adds that when properly used, the lifecycle of the tooling has yet to be exceeded, citing a recent history of over 100,000 glass-filled polypropylene parts that were manufactured with reportedly no measurable deterioration in the mold.

Aston Martin (Gaydon, Warwick, U.K.) was purchased from Ford Motor Co. (Dearborn, Mich.) in 2007 by a consortium of two major international investment houses, Investment DAR and Adeem Investment led by David Richards.