Tods Defence wins bow sonar dome contract for Type 26 frigate

UK-based Tods Defence will manufacture the composite bow sonar dome on the UK Navy’s frigate, through a contract with BAE Systems.

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BAE Systems (London, UK) announced on July 20 that it has awarded to Tods Defence (Portland, UK), a Unitech Aerospace (Hayden, ID, US) company, a contract for the design and manufacture of the composite bow sonar dome for the Type 26 class frigate being built for the UK Royal Navy.

The contract award has been made following a design and assessment phase which was carried out in partnership between BAE Systems, Tods Defence and the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Tods Defence says the chosen sonar dome design optimizes acoustic performance as well as procurement, and through life costs ensures the best value for money for the MOD customer.

“Tods Defence is very proud of the contribution that its advanced sonar dome technology is making to the Type 26 frigates’ capability, which will ensure that is the most advanced warship in its class when it is introduced into service,” says Pete Eckersall, vice president and managing director of Tods Defence.

Tods Defence has, for more than 60 years, been the preferred choice of the Royal Navy, which has led to the company’s involvement with no fewer than 25 other navies. This includes the US Navy, NATO fleets and Australian and Indian navies.