Three arrested in Japan over illegal export of carbon fiber to China

The Japan Times reports that the China-based importer is linked to Chinese and other foreign military enterprises.

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Three individuals were arrested on the suspicion that they unlawfully exported carbon fiber to a Chinese firm, The Japan Times reports. The export of the material requires government permission. Shipments of carbon fiber are strictly controlled as the material can be used for building military aircraft. This was the first arrest in Japan over the illegal export of carbon fiber.

The China-based importer is linked to Chinese and other foreign military enterprises and the publication said this raised the possibility that the material could have eventually been sent to somewhere like Iran.

Investigators suspect the three exported without government permission some 3,500 kg of carbon fiber made by Toho Tenax Co. to China via Busan, South Korea, in January 2010, by falsely declaring the end user was a South Korean firm, the publication stated.

The three denied the allegations and said it was their understanding the carbon fiber would go to South Korea, according to the police. 

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