Tesla all-electric Roadster heads to production

The Tesla Roadster was supposed to be in production in summer 2007, but was pushed to early 2008. The manufacturer is considering additional versions for the international market.

As a follow up to an Engineering Insights story in the June 2007 issue of Composites Technology magazine, the CFRP-intensive, all-electric Roadster from startup automaker Tesla Motors (San Carlos, Calif.) is finally in production after delays that pushed back launch from last summer to early 2008. Tesla Chairman Elon Musk took delivery of the very first Roadster on Feb. 1, and series production is set to begin March 17, 2008.

Tesla is sold out for 2008 models and is now taking deposits for its 2009 version. The company is also said to be considering additional versions of the Roadster for international markets owing to global interest.

At long last, auto enthusiasts who like to drive fast in style and environmentalists who wish to save the planet finally have a car they can agree upon.

Information: Click here for the original Composites Technology report.