TenCate wins Cirrus deal for use of OOA epoxy prepregs

Under the multi-year contract, Cirrus will use TenCate's TC275 out-of-autoclave (OOA) epoxy prepreg in the SR series of aircraft and the new Vision SF50 personal jet.

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TenCate Advanced Composites (Morgan Hill, Calif., USA), a supplier of advanced thermoset and thermoplastics composites materials, reported on Feb. 28 that it has signed a multi-year contract with Cirrus Aircraft (Duluth, Minn., USA) for the supply of advanced composites to Cirrus Aircraft's SR series of aircraft and the new Cirrus Vision SF50 personal jet.

The new Cirrus Vision SF50 jet will use a suite of materials based upon TenCate's TC275 out-of-autoclave (OOA) processable epoxy prepreg system. With the Cirrus Vision SF50 and more than 550 production positions reserved, Cirrus Aircraft is targeting a significant niche between its highly successful SR series of piston aircraft, and the very light jet market.

Joe Morris, president of TenCate Advanced Composites in the USA, states: "We are pleased to have reached a multi-year supply agreement with Cirrus Aircraft on their current aircraft, and the new Cirrus Vision SF50 jet. Cirrus Aircraft is an innovator in the field of general aviation, and TenCate and Cirrus have a long history of official partnership on the development of advanced composites which can be processed out of autoclave."

"This partnership strategically aligns proven advanced composites with the most innovative aircraft in the world," states Cirrus Aircraft's Rick Hollander, vice president of operations. "Our customers will enjoy the reward of this relationship with the best available materials in their aircraft." Cirrus Aircraft is a recognized leader in general aviation with its all-composite line of personal aircraft incorporating innovative features, advanced performance and industry-leading safety technologies. 

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