TenCate Advanced Armour will provide ballistic solutions for the Embraer KC-390

Aerotron Brazil has selected TenCate Advanced Armour for the military transport aircraft program now underway.

Aerotron Brazil (Itajuba, Brazil), the prime contractor for the Embraer KC-390 project, has chosen TenCate Advanced Armour (Primarette, France) as its technical and industrial partner and the supplier of materials and special processes.

The two companies are working closely together to finalize the aircraft's armor design and to build prototypes of ballistic protection according to the schedule, weight and performance requirements for the Embraer KC-390 program.

The KC-390 is the largest airplane ever conceived and built by the Brazilian aeronautics industry and will establish a new standard for medium-sized military transport aircraft, in terms of performance and payload, as well as advance mission and flight systems. It is intended to perform aerial refueling, transport cargo and troops, and to receive fuel in-flight. The KC-390 will be able to transport up to 23 metric tons of cargo, including wheeled armored vehicles.

The potential market for the KC-390 is, according to Embraer, approximately 700 aircraft, and so far letters of intent for 60 aircraft have been signed by 6 different countries. Financial details will not be published.

TenCate Advanced Armour provides customised, lightweight ballistic protection solutions for a complete range of requirements, from personal protection through all vehicle, helicopter and aircraft applications up to and including principal marine ships.

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