Teknor Apex expands in Europe

Teknor Apex Europe Ltd. is established and compounding work begins in Oldbury, U.K.

Teknor Apex Co. (Pawtucket, R.I.) has established Teknor Apex Europe Ltd. as a holding company for its custom compounding units in Europe and formed the first of these units, Teknor Apex UK Ltd., based in Oldbury, U.K., to serve customers in all of the countries of the region. The initiative, effective April 1, is the latest step by Teknor Apex in an extensive program of international expansion and diversification, according to Bertram M. Lederer, executive vice president of the parent company.

Teknor Apex UK will begin small-lot manufacturing of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) during the first half of this year, with startup of a new compounding line at a Teknor Apex facility in Oldbury that is already used for engineering thermoplastics (ETPs). Also under way is a program to expand representation through a network of agents ultimately covering all of Europe.

Teknor Apex UK will be headed by managing director Simon Hubbard. He will oversee all Teknor Apex activities in Europe, including businesses involving vinyl, TPEs, ETPs, and other custom compounds. While the ETP operation has been known as Chem Polymer, that name will be phased out, but the well-known ETP trade names Chemlon and Beetle will be retained.

"Teknor Apex is in Europe for the long run and has established this new organization to carry out a program of expansion that will include new production capacity, comprehensive sales service and technical support, and, quite probably, strategic acquisitions,"said Lederer. "We intend to make the Teknor Apex brand as familiar in Europe as it has long been in the United States and is rapidly becoming in Asia and Latin America.”

Other Teknor Apex initiatives in recent years include the acquisitions of Singapore Polymer Corp. and Chem Polymer and the establishment of Teknor Apex Suzhou, with a new grassroots manufacturing facility in China.

"Teknor Apex UK will provide customers with a valuable combination of local, customized service and global capabilities,"said Hubbard. "We are and have always been a custom compounder that works closely with customers, but we now draw on technical, manufacturing, and marketing resources on three continents. One benefit is that a globalized company based in Germany or Italy can count on us to supply identical formulations anywhere in the world.”