Tecnatom displays latest NDI technology for composites

Artificial vision sensors, thermography, air coupling and/or dry-probes are being integrated into new automated UT systems.

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At JEC World 2016 (Mar 8-10, Paris, France) Tecnatom (San Sebastian de Los Reyes, Spain) presented a wide range of nondestructive inspection equipment for composites, including automated robotic systems and its HW-SW technology, which enables integration of the complete inspection process: teaching-probing, generation of trajectories, 3D simulation, acquisition, evaluation, reporting and control, all in a unified environment that can be operated by a single person.

These systems may apply different ultrasonic testing (UT) techniques: TTU or PE, as well as conventional or phased array technology. Tecnatom has also become a leader in the application of laser ultrasonic technology (LUS). Other contactless techniques, such as air coupling and dry-probes, have been included in some of the most recent Tecnatom developments. Also, complementary to UT techniques, thermography and artificial vision sensors are also being implemented in new Tecnatom systems.

Technatom subsidiary M2M (Les Ulis, France) also exhibited at JEC, presenting the new Multi2000 version 8.0, released last October, which is compatible with 64-bit operating systems up to Windows 8. It provides high-speed composite inspection, up to 400mm/s, with a great pixel resolution of 0.5 x 0.5mm including full A-scan storage.

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