Study shows strong interest in electric cars, charging stations

According to a market study from Eldib Engineering & Research, some 5 million charging stations will be in use globally by 2015.

Eldib Engineering & Research Inc. (Berkeley Heights, N.J., USA) has completed a new market and technology study on hybrid and all-electric cars and charging stations. The consumers need convenient stops to charge car batteries while traveling. The Eldib study discusses various types of charging stations and an array of industries benefiting from them. The charging stations get their electricity from local utilities and consumers will pay for charging their car batteries to the owners of the chargers.

Estimates are that 5 million charging stations will be used in the world by 2015. According to the Eldib study, prices of electric charging stations range from $1,500 to $35,000, depending on the power of the chargers.

The U.S. government is funding some of the public charging stations. Commercial stations in the U.S. will have to keep their cost low due to the availability of government-funded and inexpensive charging stations. 

The market study was carried out by a team of researchers headed by Dr. Andrew Eldib, president of Eldib Engineering and Research Inc. The Eldib report provides description of different types of charging stations, and a list of manufacturers of chargers and comparative prices.

One of the top providers of chargers is Roth Capital Partners, closely followed by Coulomb Technologies, which received a $15 million stimulus grant to deploy chargers.

The Eldib report covers the technical issues, replacements and the faster charging stations. It also indicates locations of public charging stations and battery swapping as an alternative to wait for charging.

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