Strongwell introduces new fiberglass handrail

Strongwell has introduced a new line of fiberglass handrail, trademarked STRONGRAIL.

Strongwell (Bristol, Va.) has introduced the company's newest product line of fiberglass handrail – trademarked STRONGRAIL. STRONGRAIL architectural handrail systems are attractive, strong and offer very low maintenance compared to wood and metal systems. STRONGRAIL is corrosion and rot resistant, offers ease of field fabrication, has structural strength, low thermal conductivity, impact resistance, low electrical conductivity and is lightweight.

The architectural handrail has new internal molded connectors that practically "snap"together. This assembly also results in a smooth finish, with no visible connectors. The easy-to-assemble design provides reduced labor and maintenance, resulting in long-term savings and elimination of the cost and inconvenience of downtime for repairs.

The top railing can be square or rounded. The pickets can be square or round and the standard colors are black and white; however, custom colors are available upon request. The handrail system meets IBC 2006 requirements with a 2:1 factor of safety and can be customized to meet ADA requirements.