Stanford University offers online composites design workshop

The Jan 12-26 workshop covers micromechanics, manufacturing science, test methods, finite element analysis, error estimation and more.

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Stanford University's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics reports that it will offer an online composites design workshop Jan. 12-26, 2011.

The workshop offers 18 lecturers covering topics of design from micromechanics to life prediction, manufacturing science, experimental techniques, test methods, finite element analysis, error estimation, and more. Each participant will receive an iPad, 3 e-books, and dozens of design tools and student version of Abaqus and Nastra

It is an intensive training, with four hours each day for 11 consecutive weekdays. The course is certificated, so participants can received official credit from Stanford University. The goal is to empower participants to learn how to design without the burden of many man-made rules that have often penalized composites with added weight and cost. The workshop will teach design with anisotropy that can drastically expand the design envelope. 

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