SPE ACCE keynote to feature automotive entrepreneur

Dana Myers, founder and president of Myers Motors will deliver a keynote address entitled, "Composites Help Electrify Transportation" at the SPE Automotive Composites Conference and Exposition.

A strong emphasis on the environmental benefits of composites is an important focus of this year’s Society of Plastics Engineers Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (SPE ACCE), Sept. 15-16 in Troy, Mich., USA. The event, now in its ninth year, will feature a number of keynote speakers, technical sessions, and individual papers that underscore how switching from metals to composites can help automakers reduce vehicle mass, thus increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing CO2 emissions, while also reducing costs and assembly operations, maintaining or improving performance and safety, and facilitating excellent design and aesthetics.

Among those who will present at this year’s event is Dana Myers, founder and president of Myers Motors (Tallmadge, Ohio, USA), who will deliver a keynote address entitled, "Composites Help Electrify Transportation." Myers Motors is a startup automaker and the manufacturer of the 76-mph/122-kmph NmG (No More Gas) three-wheel, composites-intensive commuter electric vehicle, one of which will be on display at the event.

Dana Myers founded Myers Motors in 2004 while investigating the electric-vehicle (EV) market to determine if a viable option existed. His search led him to find and purchase the EV assets of Corbin Motors' Sparrow EV, which he used as a framework to improve existing EV technology and offer what he felt was a more reliable product. Myers assembled a team to evaluate issues with the original Sparrow design and upgrade the electrical and mechanical systems over a nearly two-year period before introducing the NmG EV. The team recognized that a key enabler for this technology was a relatively low-cost, high-energy battery, so the vehicle’s energy-storage system was changed from lead-acid to lithium-ion batteries – a move that doubled the vehicle’s standard driving range to 50-plus miles (81-plus km) per charge, while increasing the expected life of the battery pack seven-fold. Myers’ current team builds and markets what the company claims is America’s only affordable (under $30,000 USD), highway-legal, all-electric vehicle now in production.

Held annually in suburban Detroit , the ACCE provides an environment dedicated solely to discussion and networking about advances in the automotive composites industry. For more information about the SPE ACCE, visit the Composites’ Division website at www.4spe.org/communities/divisions/d39.php, or the Automotive Division’s website at www.speautomotive.com/comp.htm, or contact the group at +1 248-244-8993.