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Industry News
SPARTA nets JAVELIN missile components contract continuation

SPARTA will continue to make composite airframe components for the Raytheon/Lockheed Martin JAVELIN joint venture.

Posted on: 10/20/2008
High-Performance Composites

SPARTA Composite Products (San Diego, Calif.) announced on Oct. 7 that it has been awarded a contract by the Raytheon/Lockheed Martin JAVELIN joint venture (JV) to continue production of composite airframe components for the JAVELIN missile. This award is in conjunction with the JAVELIN JV’s recently received $111.6 million U.S. Army Global War on Terror supplemental contract for additional JAVELIN missiles and
command launch units.

JAVELIN is the world’s first man-portable fire-and-forget medium-range missile system. This compact, lightweight missile is designed for one-soldier operation in all environments. The JAVELIN has been combat-proven in Afghanistan and Iraq by U.S. and allied soldiers, Marines and Special Forces.  Eleven countries have selected JAVELIN to meet anti-armor requirements.

Since the early 1990s SPARTA has been involved in the design, development and production of JAVELIN composite airframe components, from engineering, manufacturing development through low-rate initial production) and into the multiyear phases. The composite components replaced  aluminum baseline components and reduced weight and cost.

SPARTA uses its net-shape matched metal molding process to produce high-tolerance parts to meet strict tolerance and performance requirements. The program has been aided by SPARTA's development of three generations of dedicated, semi-automated machines to aid in the lay-up, consolidation and curing of the parts.  Since the start of the JAVELIN program, SPARTA has delivered approximately 200,000 composite JAVELIN missile components.

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