Space tourism firm offers trips aboard reusable composite launch vehicle

Firehole Technologies will partner with XCOR Aerospace to help XCOR develop the two-seat Lynx suborbital launch vehicle.

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Jules Klar, founder of RocketShip Tours (Phoenix, Ariz.), has announced that his company has begun selling $95,000 (USD) rides aboard the Lynx, a reusable, rocket-powered two-seat suborbital vehicle now under construction by XCOR Aerospace (Mojave, Calif.). The Lynx will take off and land like a conventional aircraft, carrying passengers or payloads to the edge of space as often as four times per day.

The Lynx, introduced conceptually in March 2008, will be fabricated with composites by XCOR, with the help of Firehole Technologies (Laramie, Wyo.). The latter will use its trademarked composites analysis software, Helius:MCT, in the design of the Lynx structure and components. XCOR CEO Jeff Greason says, “One of the key techniques that make it possible for a small firm like XCOR to build a fully reusable launch vehicle is composite construction. Firehole Technologies has cutting-edge technology that will let us analyze our composite construction to ensure that the Lynx is both as strong and as light as it can be.”