SourceBook 2018: CompositesWorld’s annual directory listing renewal campaign begins

Suppliers alerted to update their cost-free listings in the composites industry’s most comprehensive online and print B2B buyer’s guide.

“We ask suppliers to renew their listings each year to assure our readers that the information we provide in the SourceBook is as accurate and up to date as possible,” says Jeff Sloan, editor-in-chief of CompositesWorld. Toward that end, the SourceBook’s first listing renewal notices will go out this week to more than 2,500 machinery manufacturers, material suppliers and other businesses and organizations that serve the composites industry, as preparations begin for publication of the next print edition, SourceBook 2018.

Suppliers listed in the SourceBook at any time in the past two years (print or online) will be contacted via e-mail, with “SourceBook 2018 – Composites Industry Directory Update” in the subject line.

The e-mail will again contain a popular feature that allows the recipient to see a complete and accurate read out of the company’s current SourceBook listing in the body of the e-mail. If that reads correctly, the company representative can renew the listing with a single click!

If the listing needs an update, the representative will have one-click online access to the company’s current online listing form. And any necessary changes or additions will be reflected immediately in the company’s online listing!

As always, that same link can be saved as a browser “favorite” or bookmarked and reused at any time thereafter to update the company’s online listing. No need to contact CW or otherwise request access. The supplier’s listing is always just one click away.

Companies who supply products and/or services or educational resources to the composites industry but are not currently listed in the SourceBook may initiate a listing at no cost by e-mailing their company contact information (company name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and Web address), plus the name and e-mail address of the person who should receive the listing instructions, to (Unsure whether you company is listed or not? You may check to see if your company has an existing listing by visiting