SGL Kümpers begins large-width carbon fiber fabric production

SGL Kümpers, a joint venture between the SGL Group — The Carbon Co. and F.A. Kümpers, has commissioned a new MAX5 machine for the manufacture of wide multiaxial carbon fiber fabric.

SGL Kümpers GmbH & Co. KG (Lathen, Germany), a joint venture between the SGL Group – The Carbon Co. and F.A. Kümpers, on March 28 announced a new benchmark on the way to realizing automated production of carbon fiber fabric following the commissioning of a new MAX5 machine for the manufacture of multiaxial carbon fiber fabric.

The new MAX5 machine can process various widths of fabrics and, for the first time, makes it possible to manufacture customized multiaxial fabrics up to 130 inches/330 cm wide. First products from the new machine will be on show at JEC Composites in Paris this week.

Franz-Jürgen Kümpers, managing director of SGL Kümpers, said, “The MAX5 represents a breakthrough in the field of automated production of carbon fiber-based composites and also a milestone on our successful innovation path. This unique machine enables us to make optimum use of the unparalleled material properties of carbon fiber multi-axial fabrics. If required by customers, we can accommodate large dimensions of fabrics or use a twin-track configuration to implement parallel productions of fabric-rolls."

SGL Kümpers uses carbon fiber from the SGL Group to ensure a secure, long-term raw material supply for its carbon fiber fabrics production. It also supplies comparable, multiaxial glass fiber-based materials to wind turbine manufacturers, which use the materials to strengthen rotor blades.

The SGL Group and F.A. Kümpers established the SGL Kümpers GmbH & Co. KG joint venture at the beginning of 2007, manufacturing carbon fiber-, glass fiber- and aramid fiber-based high-performance materials for the composites industry.