SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers wins award

The company is recognized as one of the State of Washington's Manufacturers of the Year for 2013, recognized for green technology, innovation and more.

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SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers (ACF, Moses Lake, Wash.) – a joint venture of SGL Group and the BMW Group – announced October 30 that it has been named the 2013 Manufacturer of the Year by the Association of Washington Business (AWB). This year, the AWB recognized five corporations for their contributions to operational excellence, innovation, green technology and the state’s overall economy. This year’s Manufacturing Excellence Awards are supported by UPS and the AWB Institute.

“We are honored to receive this award,” says Steve Swanson, vice president, Operations, SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers. “In line with the company’s role in sustainable business operations, the decision to build our carbon fiber plant in Moses Lake was based primarily on the availability of renewable clean hydropower and competitive energy costs in the state of Washington. Other decisive factors were the availability of highly skilled specialists, excellent infrastructure and constructive cooperation with local authorities. In Moses Lake, we are ensuring that carbon fibers play a revolutionary role in lightweight automotive construction.”

The joint venture in Moses Lake produces the carbon fibers for the manufacture of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber reinforced structures for use in the new BMW i series automobile. The Moses Lake carbon fibers are being processed into carbon fiber fabrics at the second joint venture site in Wackersdorf, Germany. The carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts and components will be produced from these fabrics at the BMW plant in Landshut & Leipzig, Germany. The new BMW i3 will be manufactured from these parts at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, Germany.

Carbon fiber technology is fundamentally changing the car industry, becoming increasingly important in the quest for lighter weight materials to reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions. With the Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) facility in Moses Lake, the company is proving that leading sustainable innovations can and will provide for a cleaner individual mobility of the future.