Sensenich introduces O-360 carbon fiber composite adjustable propeller

Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Co.'s long-anticipated adjustable composite propeller for the Lycoming O-360 engine has passed in-house tests and complies with ASTM standards.

Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Company (Lititz, Pa., USA) announced that its long-anticipated adjustable composite propeller for the Lycoming O-360 engine has passed all of its stringent in-house tests, complies with ASTM standards and is ready to ship to customers. This two-blade, 72-inch (1829mm) diameter carbon fiber composite propeller is designed specifically for high speed aircraft powered by Lycoming O-360 engines, including general aviation kit airplanes from Glasair Aviation USA LLC (Arlington, Wash., USA) and the RV series from Van’s Aircraft (Aurora, Ore., USA).

These propellers are manufactured using an internal pressure, closed mold system to produce a hollow, one-piece blade, which also incorporates Sensenich’s innovative I-beam construction.  This process yields very repeatable blades with maximum strength, durability, and low weight. For example, the two-blade O-320 prop with its aluminum hub and available precut, balanced spinner weigh about 20 lb (9 kg), considerably lighter than similar-sized metal props. These propellers also feature a co-cured bonded stainless steel leading edge for erosion and foreign object damage (FOD) protection. 

“Both the O-360 and O-320 propellers carry no rpm range restrictions, to allow optimum cruising,” says Sensenich president Don Rowell. The O-360 propeller is ideal for airplanes that travel in the 150 mph to 215 mph (241 km/h to 346 km/h) range. It has demonstrated increased speeds of up to 10mph (16 km/h) over the full range of practical throttle settings versus comparable designs from other manufacturers, as well as superior throttle response and acceleration in real-world flying tests.

Sensenich manufacturers 15 other composite propeller models and is considered a leader in adjustable composite propellers for light sport aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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