Schiebel Composites commercializes composites manufacturing services

A department started to study carbon fiber use in unmanned helicopters has become its own business unit.

The Schiebel Co. (Vienna, Austria), manufacturer of mine detection equipment and unmanned helicopter drones, announced on April 8 that it is commercializing the services of its Schiebel Composites business unit. Started in 2004 as a carbon fiber department for S-100 (unmanned helicopter development), Schiebel Composites is ready to serve other firms.

In the past 5 years, the department has grown from a one-man-show in the Viennese headquarters to a 40-man division with production sites in Wiener Neustadt und Abu Dhabi. “We are reacting to the increasing demand. It was about time to pass our perfected know-how, which we gained due to the high demands of the aviation industry, on to other customers and supply them with high-quality carbon fiber technology,” says Hans Georg Schiebel, chairman of the Schiebel Group.

State-of-the-art production equipment, starting with fully air-conditioned cleanrooms to cutters, autoclaves and annealing furnaces, offers several production technologies. Schiebel's services include design, components layout and construction, tool crafting, prototyping and function testing. Depending on the customer requirements, Schiebel Composites selects the material best suited with its associated technology. “We continuously aim at exploring application limits and, if possible and efficient, at exceeding them,” explains Carsten Gäbler, head of Composite Development and Production.

Applications focus on extreme service temperatures, such as engine components and exhaust systems, as well as for conductivity, such as antennas and wave guides. Electromagnetic shielding is also an area of expertise.