Sartomer Introduces SMA resins to thermoplastic formulators

Sartomer now offers styrene maleic anhydride resins for use as multi-functional additives.

Trademarked Styrene Maleic Anhydride (SMA) resins from global specialty chemicals manufacturer Sartomer Company (Exton, Pa.) are available for use as additives in thermoplastic formulations.

SMA resins are multi-functional additives that impart critical performance characteristics, including improved heat distortion properties, while maintaining other physical properties. SMA's high level of maleic functionality leads to good crosslinking and efficient melt-flow modification of polyamide- and polyester-based materials. Sartomer also offers imide derivatives of the base SMA resins, which are characterized by good thermal stability and are useful as additives in polyolefins to promote coatings adhesion.

SMA resins are effective additives in plastic compounds, serving as coupling agents for fillers, dispersing agents for pigments and compatibilizers for blends of dissimilar thermoplastics.

All SMA resins are available in powder and flake forms.