Saint-Gobain ADFORS new name for technical fabrics unit

Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics has changed its name to Saint-Gobain ADFORS.

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Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics reported on June 15 that it has changed its name to Saint-Gobain ADFORS. The ADFORS brand combines two very roots: “ad” (to add, to join, to combine), and “fors” (force, reinforcement). ADFORS means to “add reinforcement” to your building or product.

“We look forward to building brand equity with the new name by offering best in class service and excellent product innovation” says Rudi Coetzee, general ganager Saint-Gobain ADFORS America Inc. “The new ADFORS name provides us the opportunity to really build a strong brand backed by the globally recognized Saint-Gobain”

Saint-Gobain ADFORS manufactures reinforcement fabrics laid scrim, weaving, knitting, mat forming, lamination and coating.