Russian magnesium hydroxide producer expands capacity

Russian Mining Chemical Co. has finalized construction of its new processing plant near Vyazma, Russia, to produce magnesium hydroxide for halogen-free flame retardants.

Russian Mining Chemical Co. (Moscow, Russia), Russia's largest natural magnesium hydroxide producer, reports that it has finalized the construction of its new processing plant near Vyazma in August 2011. The new facility, which has been built next to the current processing plant, will enable Russian Mining to keep pace with demand of halogen-free flame retardants within the Russian territory and major export markets like Europe and the United States.

Brucite, a synonym for natural magnesium hydroxide, is processed to micron-sized particles that act as a flame and smoke suppressant in several polymer compounds like PVC, PE, PP, EPDM and EVA . The Brucite grades will be marketed under the ECOPIREN brand name and are sold in Europe, Asia and in the USA, together with Europe's largest magnesia processing organization, Van Mannekus (Schiedam, The Netherlands).

The Natural Ore is mined in the Kuldur district located in the far east of Russia and shipped to Vyazma, where it is micronized into several fractions ECOPIREN 3.5, 5, 10 and 15, where the number indicates very fine to coarser particle size. A range of other sizes can also be produced depending on demand. Ecopiren grades will be available as uncoated and coated with stearic acid, which aids dispersion in the polymer.