Renegade Materials facility tour highlights new prepreg

Renegade Materials Corp. hosted an introduction and tour of its manufacturing operation on March 13.

On March 13, Renegade Materials Corp. (Springboro, Ohio) hosted an introduction and tour of Renegade Materials’ manufacturing operation. Over 60 engineers, scientists and technicians representing the U.S. Air Force Research Labs, NavAir, the F35 Joint Strike Fighter program office, The Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman Aircraft, Pratt & Whitney Engines, G.E. Aviation, and the University of Dayton Research Institute were present. This group enjoyed an exclusive opportunity to observe Renegade's state-of-the-art prepreg production equipment and witness the release of the company’s trademarked P3 Polyimide Prepreg Product. Renegade's P3 is a unique, one-step process for high-rate manufacturing of precision prepregs using AFRPE4 and other polyimide resins on carbon, astroquartz and other fibers, for applications with service temperature over 500°F.