Quantino electric sports car passes first endurance test

The Quantino electric sports sports car has just obtained its license for road use in Europe and was recently tested under real-life conditions.

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The nanoFlowcell AG (Vaduz, Liechtenstein) development team headed by Chief Technology Officer Nunzio La Vecchia recently subjected the Quantino electric sports car to a 14-hour endurance test. The aim of the non-stop drive was to test the suitability of the nanoFlowcell system for every day use and its system integrity under continuous load. The test drive was done predominantly in urban cycle mode at speeds of up to 74 km/h.

After a number of initial short factory runs during the coordination phase, La Vecchia took the Quantino to a test center near Zurich. The company says that the nanoFlowcell powertrain uses “environmentally-friendly” electrolytes to generate electricity with no harmful emissions

"The car could have gone further, but unlike the nanoFlowcell, I have my limits," said Nunzio La Vecchia, as he drove the car back into the pits following his 14-hour stint behind the wheel. "We are proud that we have been able to prove the performance potential of the Quantino not just under laboratory conditions, but also in an every day situation," he said. "This test drive demonstrates that our nanoFlowcell technology offers a concrete, long-term alternative for meeting the demand for alternative fuels. nanoFlowcell AG is paving the way for clean and safe mobility in the coming decades."

Presented in early 2015 at the Geneva International Motor Show as a concept vehicle, the Quantino is now the second vehicle with nanoFlowcell technology, alongside the QUANT-E. The Quantino with nanoFlowcell powertrain is premiering in its “near standard” configuration at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show.