PRF Composites Materials installs new prepreg line

U.K.-based PRF Composite Materials is installing a new prepreg line to be operational by May 2013 for producing materials in large quantities or in small runs.

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PRF Composite Materials (Poole, Dorset, U.K.) reports that it is installing a new prepreg line that will be operational by the end of May 2013. With a capacity of more than 1 million linear metres at 1.5m wide, the new line will be suitable for large quantities as well as small runs of speciality materials for innovative and bespoke applications. 

Extending their current prepreg capabilities, the new service will include both solvent dip (already provided) and hot melt processes with a range of materials, including woven fabrics, UD prepregs, resin films and adhesive films. The lab facilities will be used by a team of dedicated technicians to provide research and development and resin system formulation in-house; prepreg materials reportedly will be produced to a high level of accuracy, using the latest film weight scanning technology.

Technical after-sales support will be available and standard lines will be kept on stock in the large freezer facilities at the company's headquarters in Poole.

Managing director Robert Burnell comments: “In prepreg manufacturing over the last 25 years the focus has been development in resin systems, but very little advances have been made in the development of the reinforcements. We believe that there is far more to be done by using the latest fabric technology in the manufacture of prepreg. This is central to our aims — the best prepreg can only be made from the best raw materials.” 

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