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Industry News
Premix BMC exceeds standard for arc track resistance

Premi-Glas 3101-20 has passed the ASTM D-2303 standard for arc track resistance at an exposure of greater than 2,000 minutes.

Posted on: 3/24/2014
Source: CompositesWorld

Premix (North Kingsville, Ohio, USA) reported on March 21 that its Premi-Glas 3101-20, a fiberglass-reinforced thermoset bulk molding compound (BMC) for electrical applications, passes the ASTM D-2303 standard for arc track resistance at an exposure of greater than 2,000 minutes—surpassing the recognized industry standard. Premix is a business unit of The Composites Group.

ASTM D-2303 tests resistance to tracking on an incline plane in the presence of a liquid contaminant. The material was tested at 2,500V. Premi-Glas 3101-20 is used for circuit breakers, switchgear and other applications where fire retardance is required. Its other key features and benefits include:

  • Non-halogen FR technology for regulatory compliance
  • Good dimensional stability and electrical properties
  • Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), File #E42524
  • Outstanding flow and fill in compression, transfer and injection molding
  • Pigmentable for molded-in color, best appearance with mold texture

The Composites Group includes three business units—Premix, Hadlock Plastics and Quantum Composites.

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