Plasan will deliver 400 more composite armor kits to Oshkosh

This marks the sixth additional order for armor kits in the last five months; Oshkosh is supplying armored vehicles for use by American forces in Afghanistan.

Plasan (Bennington, Vt., USA), a of combat-proven survivability and composite armor solutions for vehicles, airborne platforms and personal protection, on Dec. 23 announced it has won an additional contract for the delivery of 400 M-ATV armor kits as sub-contractor to Oshkosh Defense (Oshkosh, Wis., USA). Plasan has already delivered 3,200 M-ATV armor kits for the $3.3 billion contract awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense to a team led by Oshkosh Corp. and Plasan North America to produce 6,619 M-ATVs for deployment in Afghanistan.

Plasan North America and its local sub-contractors have made advance preparations to comply with strict composite specifications and a tight manufacturing schedule. Through the application of the modular Kitted Hull concept, developed by Plasan, all armor parts and components are sent to Oshkosh where they are applied to the vehicle on the assembly line, increasing manufacturing efficiency and reliability. Plasan's production capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive supply chain that encompasses suppliers of materials, equipment and solutions throughout the U.S. This extensive network provides the flexibility to expand or reduce production volumes according to demand.

Yael Viesel, marketing and business director for North America at Plasan, said, "This new order marks the sixth additional order for armor kits in five months. These increased orders are a vote of confidence in Plasan's proven track record of on-time delivery. Our goal is to provide the best, most survivable solution for the war fighter. Our survivability systems reflect the experience our designers and engineers have from both their education and also from their time as soldiers."