PCT launches composite repairs unit

The primary focus will be on the oil and gas industries.

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Premier Composite Technologies (PCT, Dubai, UAE) has launched its Premier Composite Repairs (PCR) business unit.

PCR provides engineered composite repairs that restore the structural integrity of critical pipelines, pipework and vessels of any given diameter and geometry.

With the primary focus being upstream and downstream operators in the oil and gas industries, PCR products are specifically designed for the repair and strengthening of metallic, as well as non-metallic, components. PCT has developed its new product range of ISO 24817:2015 and ASME PCC-2 compliant repair systems to be suitable for internal and external corrosion including through wall defects.

“The launch was really well received and we generated inquiries from 140 companies covering 20 countries. The last week has been very busy following up with the people we met and had discussions with at ADIPEC. Our base here in Dubai, large material inventory and ability to offer in house structural engineering for pipes and other structures all got potential clients very interested in our products," said Tim Bastow, business unit manager of composite repairs.

PCR launched two products at the ADIPEC oil and gas exhibition. PCR-GX and PCR-CX2 are both high performance composite repair products using epoxy resin systems and multi-axial reinforcement fabrics.

PCR-GX uses a multi-axial E-glass reinforcement fabric and has been tested and fully qualified to ISO 24817:2015 for strengthening applications, internal and external corrosion including leaking through the wall defects. PCR-CX2 uses a bi-axial carbon fiber reinforcement fabric which gives the repair system a higher modulus making it ideal for repairs to high pressure lines.  PCR-CX2 can be used for strengthening applications, internal and external corrosion. PCR-CX2 is primarily used for the repair of Type A (non through wall) defects.

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