Packed tower aeration system benefits from composites

FiberSystems uses composites to rebuild and rehabilitate water-treatment towers, affordably extending their service life.

With a removal rate that approaches 99%, packed tower aeration systems are a popular option for water treatment facilities that need to eliminate volatile organic compounds from ground water. When the City of Dayton's (Dayton, OH, US) five packed tower aeration systems — installed in the late 1980s — began to fail, it needed a fix that could restore the structures to like new-condition in performance and appearance. Dayton officials turned to FiberSystems (Dayton) for a composites solution.

“The spools were experiencing early failure,” says T. R. Morton, CEO of FiberSystems. “Once the structures were removed from service, they were delivered to our facility for restoration and rebuilding. FRP composite materials possess a number of superior performance characteristics, so in addition to being able to rebuild the damaged sections, we also significantly extended the lifecycle of the structures.”

FiberSystems rebuilt a total of five 16-inch by 12-inch diameter flanged reducing spools. Using a high-performance, high-temperature epoxy vinyl ester resin, the new components were filament wound and then joined together by adhesive welding.  The spools were also coated with UV-resistant polyurethane typically used in automotive applications. The coating provides spool surfaces with effective corrosion resistance and protection for an improved cosmetic appearance. The first spool was returned to the job site in November 2015, with the final spool picked up for installation in December 2015.