Owens Corning to double glass fiber capacity in Russia

The facility was purchased when Owens Corning bought Saint-Gobain in 2007.

Owens Corning (Toledo, Ohio) announced on July 29 that it will more than double the production capacity of its glass fiber composites facility in Gous-Khrustalny, Russia, to meet growing global demand.

"This investment will serve existing customer growth in Russia and throughout Europe and the Middle East," said Mike Thaman, chairman and CEO of Owens Corning. "The expansion leverages our 2007 acquisition of the Saint-Gobain composite businesses by building out our platform in Russia to take advantage of strong market demand."

The expanded facility in Russia will produce a complete range of composite products. It will incorporate the company's patented Advantex glass-melting technology platforms.

"Our additional capacity in Russia will create meaningful value for our customers," said Chuck Dana, president of Composite Solutions. "The expanded facility will meet growing global demand for glass fiber composite products in infrastructure, wind energy, construction, electronics and automotive markets. This expansion is ideal in the favorable business climate of the Vladimir Province, and establishes a foundation for the addition of a technical fabrics operation that will fully capture the growth of wind energy and distribution in Western Europe."

The growth rate of glass fiber composites demand in Russia is estimated to be greater than 10 percent per year, and growing at nearly twice the rate of gross domestic product (GDP) around the world. Construction is planned to begin in 2008, with start-up anticipated by the end of 2009. The facility will continue full production during the expansion process.

Owens Corning acquired the Gous-Khrustalny, Russia, production facility as part of its 2007 acquisition of Saint-Gobain's composites businesses.