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Industry News
Online composites design workshop

Stephen W. Tsai & Assoc. and Stanford University are hosting Composites Design Workshp VI, Jan. 17-26, 2012.

Posted on: 10/3/2011
Source: CompositesWorld

Stephen W. Tsai & Associates and Stanford University are hosting Composites Design Workshop VI, an intensive, online, live, certificated training session Jan. 17-26, 2012. 

The $1,200 (USD) workshop provides:

  • Foundation and skills for engineers, managers and students.
  • Alternative to empirically based building block approach.
  • Demonstrations of simulation as a design tool.
  • Ways to challenge design rules and expand design space.
  • Use of master curves to generate more revealing and generic data.

The registration package includes:

  • 32-hour intensive live online sessions via WebEx.
  • Live sofware demonstration and practice sessions.
  • Tuition-covered iPad 2 (U.S. residents only) to take full advantage of eBooks and most fundamental material covered.
  • Free copies of three books (eBook format): Strength & Life of Composites, Theory of Composites Design and Lekhnitskii´s Anisotropic Plates.
  • Free Copy of Abaqus - Student Edition.

Tools provided include:

  • Mic-Mac's and Super Mic-Mac
  • MicMac/FEA (Abaqus)
  • Lekhnitskii´s exact solutions
  • Life prediction of random fatigue
  • Progressive damage of laminates with holes and bolts
  • Use of cohesive elements for damage tolerance
  • 3-D Beam for preliminary design
  • Uncertainty estimation and reliability theory

Each participant has direct access to live WebEx sessions; recordings of the live sessions can be downloaded later. Workshop also provides access to interactive forum to post questions and share comments. 

Visit www.stanford.edu/group/composites/ for more information and to register.

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