Non-destructive testing of composites focus of three-day conference

Materials & Sensors Technologies' course, Oct. 14-16 in Denver, Colo., USA, will evaluate and demonstrate a variety of non-destructive testing (NDT) systems for composites.

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Materials & Sensors Technologies Inc. (Glen Burnie, Md., USA) reports that it will offer a three-day course on non-destructive testing (NDT) of composites, Oct. 14-16 in Denver, Colo., USA.

The seminar designed to technically untangle the complex subject of NDT and is formatted to comprehend the issues in a short time. Presentations cover all NDT for composite methods, with extensive examples of practical application data. It will explain why composites cannot be tested based on metals procedures and provide NDT test systems demonstrations.

This seminar covers all composite NDT methods including X-rays, thermal, microwave, shearography and mechanical wave methods, including acoustic emission, resonance, tap test, ultrasonic A, B, and C scans, as well as advanced ultrasonic methods such as guided waves testing, transducer arrays and materials properties measurements.

In addition, attendees participate in lab demonstrations. Laboratory sessions are broad in scope encompassing a variety of composite test samples and test geometries. Guidelines are provided for the design, specifications and operation of the automated NDT test systems including advanced ultrasonic C-scan systems.

The Seminar is designed for inspectors, designers, engineers, managers and new users who desire technically sound working concepts in application of NDT technology testing to composite materials including critical assessment of defects, composite damage and materials properties.

Attendees will have access to and demonstration lab time with the latest types of advanced NDT systems (courtesy of Lockheed Martin Co., near Denver).

To register, e-mail Registration f limited to US citizens or permanent residents with special permission. The seminar will be presented by B. Boro Djordjevic.