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Industry News
New white paper on autoclave cure available at CompositesWorld site

A paper describing the autoclave cure process, written by Steve Zeller, is available for review on the CompositesWorld Web site.

Posted on: 10/29/2012
Source: CompositesWorld

A new white paper, added recently to CompositesWorld's Web site (www.compositesworld.com/whitepapers), describes important considerations when undertaking autoclave curing. The paper discusses the benefits of autoclave cure, how autoclaves work, how the process is controlled and safety considerations. Steve Zeller, a manufacturer's representative with over 25 years of experience in composite manufacturing tooling, process equipment and materials, wrote the paper. Zeller is a representative for Walton Process Technolgies Inc. (Mansfield, Texas, www.autoclaves.com), a manufacturer of ovens and autoclaves that provides repair and consulting services as well.

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