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Industry News
New website highlights use of carbide cutting tools

AMAMCO launches website about use of carbide cutting tools that offers articles, multimedia features and videos produced by industry experts and commentators; included is information on machining of composites.

Posted on: 12/6/2010
Source: CompositesWorld

AMAMCO Tool (Duncan, S.C., USA) on Nov. 18 launched a new website, www.CustomCarbideTools.com, offering practical help to manufacturers who seek to reduce cost of projects in the aerospace, automotive, marine, building supply and related industries. The site offers articles, multimedia features and videos produced by industry experts and commentators. A robust comment and discussion function provides a forum for on-line interaction, sharing of information and research.

CustomCarbideTools.com is published in response to the growing demand for solutions needed by manufacturers that machine and assemble parts made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP).

The site's editorial content will explore how custom cutting tools are used to machine today's most advanced metals, alloys and composite materials, as well as traditional steel and aluminum parts. Topic categories will include four areas of interest: reducing project cost; manufacturing process and set-up solutions; tool type and geometries; and tool substrate and coatings. The site solicits contributed articles, reader comments and discussion on toolmaking developments and strategies across a diverse range of manufacturing processes.

The Custom Carbide Tools Blog features in-depth articles, a photo archive posted on Flickr, a topical news feed and YouTube video library currently showcasing Lockheed video of F-35 aircraft assembly, Boeing's 787 Dreamliner test flights and more. The Blog offers a subscription registration form which allows subscribers to receive timely notification of new posts, article archives, an industry news feed, RSS and social media links, as well as a built-in share function.

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