New tougheners for cyanate esters introduced by nanoresins AG

nanoresins AG has introduced new tougheners for cyanate ester resins.

Cyanate esters have outstanding mechanical and thermal properties, and are often selected as matrices for high performance fiber reinforced composites in aerospace applications. A major drawback however, is their inherent brittleness, says nanoresins AG (Geesthacht, Germany).

Improving the toughness and flexibility of cyanate ester resins was the topic of many research projects in the past. But increased toughness usually comes along with reduced modulus, strength and Tg, and sometimes processability as well.

Based on the well-established trademarked Albidur technology, which is widely used to improve epoxy resins, nanoresins AG has now developed a new range of products for cyanate ester resins.

Albidur XP 1/669, a low viscosity core-shell elastomer concentrate in a cyanate ester resin, is especially designed to be used in composites applications. The toughness and flexibility are increased considerably without any other resin property sacrificed, says nanoresins.