New Guides to FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures Now Available

 The American Composites Manufacturers Assn. (ACMA, Arlington, Va. ) announced Sept.

 The American Composites Manufacturers Assn. (ACMA, Arlington, Va.) announced Sept. 18 the availability of three new guides to fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) for concrete reinforcement that could help broaden markets for composites use. Published by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the documents were developed by the ACI 440 technical committee, in which ACMA participates.

"With the publication of materials and construction specifications in mandatory language, ACI 440 has provided engineers and contractors with reference documents that save them an inordinate amount of time and, more importantly, give them the tools for safe and quality implementation of FRP as internal reinforcement to concrete," says Dr. Antonio Nanni, professor and chair of the University of Miami's Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering. "It is an important step forward for the entire construction industry and, ultimately, the public." Dr. Nanni is the primary author of ACI 440.5 and 440.6, two of the following three new ACI publications:

ACI 440.2R-08: Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures. The Guide documents the history and use of FRP strengthening systems. It is a description of the unique material properties of FRP and committee recommendations on the engineering, construction and inspection of FRP systems used to strengthen concrete structures. The guideline is based on information obtained from research, analytical work and field applications of FRP systems.

ACI 440.5-08: Specification for Construction with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcing Bars. This is a reference specification document that architects and engineers can apply to any construction project using fiber-reinforced polymer reinforcing bars. They would supplement the provisions of this reference specification as needed by designating or specifying individual project requirements. Standard units are available in hard copy or PDF format, and a metric version is available in PDF format.

ACI 440.6-08: Specification for Carbon and Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bar Materials for Concrete Reinforcement. This material specification covers provisions that govern testing, evaluation, and acceptance of carbon and glass fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar for reinforced concrete. Standard units are available in hard copy or PDF format, and a metric version is available in PDF format.

"These documents provide the background and specifica-tions necessary for FRP composites to be accepted and utilized as reinforcement for concrete," says John Busel, ACMA's director of the Composites Growth Initiative and chairman of the ACI Committee 440. "They will help the composites industry make greater inroads with the architects and engineers who are specifying construction projects that call for strengthening concrete structures."

For more information about these new documents, visit the Web site: (search on 440).