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Industry News
New European prepreg plant opens

Production began at a new European prepreg plant, Fenopreg, a division of fenotec Gesellschaft für Industrieerzeugnisse GmbH.

Posted on: 3/3/2010
High-Performance Composites

On Dec. 9, 2009, production began at a new European prepreg plant, Fenopreg (Beelitz, Germany), a division of fenotec Gesellschaft für Industrieerzeugnisse GmbH, also in Beelitz. Investment in the new facility totaled €4.5 million ($6.37 million USD) and 20 jobs were created.

According to the company, the new facility makes prepregs from a range of woven and nonwoven fabrics, up to a maximum areal weight of 1,200 g/m² and a maximum width of 1.4m/4.55 ft. Production can be tailored to the customer’s specifications, as to type of resin and reinforcement, and orders as small as 100m2/1,076 ft² are accepted. Target markets include marine, industrial, wind energy and other electrical/power applications, automotive and other transport types.

The company’s chief financial officer Jörn von Bornstaedt says that Fenopreg worked with a number of German suppliers to equip the facility, which can produce up to 1 million m² (almost 10.7 million ft²) of prepreg per annum. Impregnation is completely customizable, he stresses: “We can impregnate with or without solvents — the goal is flexible prepreg production to customer specifications.”

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