New distribution agreement between CHOMARAT and B&R Building Materials

CHOMARAT has signed an agreement with B&R Building Materials for the distribution of its C-GRID (Carbon grid) product range in Europe and the Middle East.

C-GRID corrosion resistant carbon grid structures were developed by Chomarat (Le Cheylard, France) to replace welded wire steel mesh as an internal concrete reinforcement. “Since 2004, C-GRID has a proven track record in the construction industry in the U.S. thanks to its numerous advantages over traditional steel reinforcement such as the ability to design with composite action and the reduction of overall thicknesses” said Christophe De Saeger of B&R Building Materials (Arendonk, Belgium).

C-GRID significantly improves performance and reduces weight in applications including precast doubletees, architectural cladding, insulated wall panels, marine, concrete decor and interior products. C-GRID can also be used in cast in place, shotcrete and rehabilitation applications.

New territories for C-Grid

“C-GRID is already quite well known in the U.S. with over 30 million ft2 installed since 2004,” says John Leatham Sales and Marketing Director for Chomarat North America (Anderson, S.C., USA). “Thanks to our new collaboration with B&R Building Materials, an innovation leader specializing in material solutions for the concrete sector, C-GRID is now going to be part of building and construction projects that will considerably enhance its development in Europe and the Middle East.”

Within the frame of this new cooperation, B&R Building Materials has already assembled a team to provide full technical support for each project. All projects will be designed to maximize the value C-GRID delivers including construction-technical, environmental and cost requirements.

Discover C-GRID and CarbonCast during a special event organized by B&R Building Materials with the support of Chomarat in Antwerp, Belgium on June 5, 2014. For more information: