New company rises from ashes after devastating fire

The new company, Omniglass SCT, will make pultruded window and door frames at Structural Composite Technologies' facility.

After fire destroyed its predecessor, a new company, Omniglass SCT (Winnipeg, Canada) has begun work on fiberglass pultruded window and door frames and components, at its new location inside Structural Composite Technologies’ composites manufacturing plant in Winnipeg.  Omniglass SCT was formed by partners John Zadro, president of Structural Composite Technologies, who will be president of the new company, and Leroy Dankochik, general manager of both the predecessor and the new company. Together they purchased the assets, including the patents, processes and window and door systems of Omniglass, a successful 30-year-old Winnipeg business that was destroyed by fire a year ago.

Omniglass SCT has hired 10 former employees, including Laurie Davies, founder and former CEO of Omniglass, to assist with sales and business development.  “We are bringing back a respected name in fiberglass to the North American window and door industry,” said Zadro. “We are returning Omniglass SCT to what it did best: designing and manufacturing the best fiberglass components possible for windows and doors.” Fiberglass windows and doors are gaining popularity because of their structural strength, thermal resistance and paintability. They have been grabbing increasing marketshare in commercial construction (where they qualify for coveted LEED environmental certification) as well as the residential market where quality, durability and aesthetics are increasingly important. Omniglass SCT will do business alongside privately-owned Structural Composite Technologies. Founded in 1961, Structural Composite Technologies custom fabricates fiberglass equipment for multiple industries, including mining, chemical, utilities, wind energy, transportation and construction industries throughout North America. 

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